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Why We Freeze

Frozen Potions.jpg

It's the secret to giving you the freshest smoothie possible!

Here at Plantie we believe in keeping our smoothies raw, because truly raw and unprocessed smoothies are one of the purest forms of nutrition. They contain naturally occurring pre- and pro-biotic organisms which are vital to keeping our systems balanced and disease-free.

Many juices and smoothies in stores have been through a High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP) process, which destroys both the good and the bad bacteria in the drink, taking away from the full health benefits. This process also allows your juice or smoothie to stay "fresh" after 30 days on a store shelf - which is not our definition of fresh!

This is why we freeze all of our raw, organic Potions immediately after bottling to lock in and preserve the vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and micro flora without affecting taste or texture.

Simply defrost, sip, smile and cheers to your vibrant health!