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My boyfriend Dan and I had the wonderful good fortune of meeting Alicia during a visit to a local farmers market. After trying her smoothies (delicious!) we decided to try the meal delivery (also yummy!). Dan and I had wanted to take our diets to being plant based, but we didn’t know where to begin - Alicia helped us and suggested the 14 day cleanse. We were so surprised at how satisfied we were - not feeling hungry at all and actually enjoying the food we were eating (Alicia gives you recipes - the veggie soup and the berry parfait are our favorites). We saw so many positive changes in just the two weeks. What a wonderful blessing Alicia has been in our lives.
— Marcee

This has been the one thing, that I can say, I’ve succesfully accomplished in the last 3 years. My month is over with this amazing lady but I’ve decided to keep going. When you feel amazing why would you stop? I’ve lost 13 lbs to date! My blood pressure went from 145/95 to 118/80. I’ve reduced my coffee intake. I’ve learned to eat slower and enjoy my food. I’ve learned to cook some amazing food and try new ones. Alicia has guided me this whole time and always focused on the good things. I could have never done this without her guidance! Thank you for being you Alicia!
— Rachel

I am so happy and grateful for the work I did with Alicia! I did the 14 day cleanse, and I never expected it to make such a difference! After only a few days, swelling I had in my ankles for over 5 years was gone! I couldn’t believe how my ankles looked! Also, I have much more energy and pain I had in my back has improved dramatically. Alicia worked with me, offering encouragement and advice all along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better health coach! Alicia is vibrant and enthusiastic, as well as compassionate and caring. I never imagined I could do a cleanse or change my diet to plant based, but I actually prefer eating this way now, knowing how good it feels! Thank you Alicia, much gratitude and love!
— Kristin

After completing the 28-day makeover with Alicia at The Plantie I have more energy, feel healthier and am 9 pounds lighter. Alicia’s expertise in plant based eating and holistic nutrition alongside her support and guidance was an amazing experience. We went grocery shopping together, after a cabinet rescue, created dishes, I got encouragement when cravings set in and definitely learned a lot. I will continue with a mostly vegetarian/vegan life style because of this 5 star experience and healthier happier body. Alicia is a great professional to work with.
— Maja

Alicia has been a HUGE influence in getting me to start drinking green smoothies for breakfast. She’s very knowledgeable about all things nutrition and I would recommend everybody take time to talk to her.
— CJ

I have been having problems regulating my blood pressure until Alicia introduced me to an incredible diet. The foods she has me consuming are very nutritious and out right delicious. Stuffed shells, pot roast (no meat), pancakes with blueberries and strawberries, as well as soups and smoothies. My blood pressure went from 210/120 to 130/70 in 3 weeks. It has remained in around this figure for the last 2 weeks. My chlorestoral levels are normal or below and my blood tests have been terrific. Do your self a huge favor and contact Alicia. She can work out a program to fit your needs.
— Jeff
Alicia Uhl, Thank you for supporting me through my 14 day cleanse. You have made the process so much easier. The information, easy recipes (which helped w/my busy schedule), and phone calls made me get through those 14 days with ease. Although, I am a pretty healthy eater, there was still something that was not reacting well with my system. Due to the cleanse I now know what foods to and not to consume! Keep up the Great work Alicia :)
Much Health and Love.
— Jennifer
My deepest gratitude goes to Alicia! When we started this journey together I wasn’t sure what to expect, I have been pleasantly surprised by all I have learned! Alicia has shown a new perspective on thinking and eating. I have learned to be mindful of my body and mind.
— Tiffany

I have just completed the Total Transformation program with Alicia and would like to share what I have learned. This class has taught me to be honest with myself and allowed me to look deep inside to understand why I feel the way I do and how it sets up my beliefs. It has also taught me how food is used as a comfort to heal our emotional pain and how it continues to fuel our negativity. Alicia has provided me with tools to understand my emotions and how to replace them with positive energy of forgiveness and loving myself. The highest vibration of all is Love and it starts with you !!!
Alicia has given me tools to continue this life change and has been an amazing coach along the way. I highly recommend this program. Thank you Alicia for coming into my life and sharing your gift. Many Blessings and love.
— Cindy

If you are looking for healthier food choices , an opportunity to feel more energized and the potential to rebalance your bodies optimum ideal weight look no further!!! Since hiring Alicia I am eating and drinking such an amazingly high nutrition & healthy plant based menu that always leaves me wanting more!!! Everything tastes incredible and I still cannot believe without any meat , wheat, or dairy how great I feel! Contact Alicia to show you what your body has been missing and help you embrace your highest health today! Oh and YES there are incredible desserts too!
— Kimberly

Alicia is an inspiration to anyone who doesn’t feel good about themselves. After every phone call, I felt so much better. She gives you the tools to find that love we all need to have for ourselves. Even if you don’t believe you succeeded during the week, she finds that one thing that will make you smile.
— Terri

Alicia is a very intuitive, compassionate, warm, and intelligent person. She always provides new insight into any issue you bring up during each phone session. She is incredibly knowledgeable about food and its impact on your body, and how your internal thoughts, feelings, and emotions can impact you physically and psychologically. Working with Alicia has not only been extremely insightful but an absolute pleasure.
— Lisa