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Plant Powered Makeover

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28-Day Plant Powered Makeover

Health a Hot Mess?  

Get ready to turn that lead into gold with our 28-Day Plant-Powered Makeover.  Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body - and the health - that you want. 

Most of us don’t realize that the foods we eat — three meals a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks each year — often have more of an impact on our health than anything else in our lives.

In this 28-day Plant Powered Makeover, you'll discover the truth about nutrition, how to become nutritionally rich through the power of plants and how to choose health with every bite that you take.


  • Complete 28-Day Plant-Powered Makeover Guide with over 40 Plantie recipes
  • 1-hour Kitchen Rescue
  • 1-hour Plant-Powered Shopping Trip
  • 1-hour Plantie Cooking Lesson
  • (4) 1-hour Private, One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • Email and Text Support


After completing the 28-day makeover with Alicia at The Plantie I have more energy, feel healthier and am 9 pounds lighter. Alicia’s expertise in plant based eating and holistic nutrition alongside her support and guidance was an amazing experience. We went grocery shopping together, after a cabinet rescue, created dishes, I got encouragement when cravings set in and definitely learned a lot. I will continue with a mostly vegetarian/vegan life style because of this 5 star experience and healthier happier body. Alicia is a great professional to work with.
— Maja

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Ready to experience 28 days of plant powered living?  Click below to book your Get Plant Strong Discovery Session today to find out if this program is for you!