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Phase 1: Pre-Cleanse Phase


1. Identify Your Goals + Support Network

- Why do you want to cleanse? What are your expectations and hopes?

- What are some of the patterns or habits in your life would you like to eliminate?

- Do you have any concerns about the cleanse? (See Cleanse Questions & Answers or review your concerns with your health coach)

- Having support and accountability is really helpful to stay on track, do you have a friend, partner, co-worker or family member that might want to participate in the cleanse with you?


What extra special support might nourish you?

☐ Massage or other body work

☐ A walk, hike or other movement with a friend

☐ Solo time

☐ Inspiring books or audios

☐ A new music playlist

☐ A housecleaner

☐ A bubblebath

☐ Take a vacation from your computer

☐ Leave more time to get where you’re going

☐ Other _______________________

2. Set Up Your Schedule For Success

Decide WHEN you will begin and complete your cleanse. Put it in your calendar. While this cleanse can be done in the context of “normal” functioning work life, consider giving yourself permission to be more spacious, to slow down and relax into your body’s healing process. It is natural to feel tired for the first few days as your system recalibrates. It is important to rest when your body is calling for rest. You will also want to block time in your schedule for shopping and prepping foods ahead of time so you are not urgently hungry and tempted to veer off the cleanse for a quick hungry or “hangry” (hungry-angry) fix.


3. Setting Up Your Home

Get rid of any “toxic temptations” such as breads, anything with sugar, chips, beverages... any items on the “do not eat” list that you might be tempted to binge on or eat out of convenience. Create space to stretch and exercise, space for food prep, buy flowers or anything that makes your feel like an honored guest!


4. Review Phase Two, the detailed food, supply list and recipes. Then go shopping so you have everything you need before you begin your cleanse.