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I'm a "plant based foodie" (aka Plantie) focused on healthy living through simple, fresh and delicious plant based meals, smoothies and juices. 

My story begins when I was five years old. I was jumping on my parent's bed, belly laughing while my dad exclaimed, "You're my rainbow sprite! You're my rainbow sprite!" It was just one of those magical moments of pure and innocent bliss that stays with you for a lifetime.

Fourteen years later, I never would have imagined that the very man who brought me so much joy in my life would be diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. My father, the pillar of our family, our rock, was suddenly under the unforgiving grasp of a terrifying disease. It was absolutely heartbreaking to witness months of cancer treatments weaken his body and bruise his pride.

It wasn't until the end of his journey where he took a more holistic approach and I saw a dramatic shift in his energy levels from plant based foods and juices. This lift, albeit brief, allowed my father to spend his last few days in peace.

Losing my father to this horrible disease is why plantie was born. From that day forward, I started my plantie mission to get further upstream with nutrition to help prevent and reverse disease through fresh, clean, whole plant based foods.

As a Holistic Health Coach certified in plant based nutrition, I offer customized health coaching programs along with delicious and easy recipes to make your journey to becoming a plantie simple and enjoyable.

Every recipe centers around eating and drinking the colors of the rainbow, inspired by that joyful moment I shared with my dad.

Are you ready to get plant strong?  I'm here to help you reach your goals, stay on track and enjoy the healing power of plant based food.