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Eat Like a Plantie


Do you feel too overwhelmed to make healthy, fresh meals everyday?  

Let's face it, life is busy.  It takes some strategy and time management skills to create a healthy lifestyle - that's for sure.  Our schedules get filled to the brim, and it's sometimes difficult to set aside the time for meal prep, grocery shopping and home cooking.

at Plantie Our mission is to create the most nutritious and delicious plant-based meals that nature has to offer.

Let us help you reach your health goals by doing the cooking for you, with convenient plant-based meals and smoothies made fresh each week. 

Plantie Plates


100% plant-based meals delivered right to your door.  Simply choose your plan below, then select your meals from our weekly menu.  

Order by 10PM on Saturday for delivery on Monday afternoon/evening.

4 Plates per Week

$12.50/Plate   $49.99/Week

6 Plates Per Week

$9.99/Plate   $59.99/Week

9 Plates Per Week

$9.99/Plate   $89.99/Week

Weekly Menu


All meals are 100% plant-based.


Noodle-Free Pad Thai

Amazing noodle-free Pad Thai with rainbow vegetables and a spicy-sweet almond butter sauce.



Roasted Rainbow Vegetable Bowl

A bowl of delicious roasted vegetables with a  creamy tahini dressing.


Portobello Mushroom Stirfry 

Flavorful, satisfying portobello mushroom stir-fry with red bell pepper and broccolini.

Plantie Potions


100% Raw, Organic, Plant-Based Smoothies

Plantie Potions are 100% raw, organic, plant-based smoothies containing only the good stuff: organic fruits, vegetables and water.  Packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and live enzymes, our Potions are high-quality meal replacements. We do not add any additional sugars or preservatives.  

Our mission is simple: To provide high-quality, professionally crafted smoothie blends with the convenience of buying in bulk.  

Always frozen, never fake - all of our potions are packaged and frozen in sleek and convenient 16 oz. BPA-free plastic bottles.  

Our blends are made locally with love and care, right here in Pottstown PA!

01 ZEN

This 6-pack contains: (6) 01 ZEN Potions

INGREDIENTS: Banana, Pineapple, Orange, Spinach, Water


This 6-pack contains: (6) 02 GLOW Potions

INGREDIENTS: Carrot, Orange, Apple, Mango, Water


This 6-pack contains: (3) 03 BLISS Potions

INGREDIENTS: Watermelon, Strawberry, Apple, Beet