my Story

I'm a "plant based foodie" (aka plantie) focused on healthy living through simple, fresh and delicious plant based meals, smoothies and juices. 

Some people call me the Physical Health Alchemist - I am the woman who turns lead health into gold.

When I was 20 years old I lost my father to Stage IV Lung Cancer.  Watching him go through that horrible disease is why plantie was born.

From that day forward, I started my plantie mission to get further upstream with nutrition to help prevent and reverse disease through fresh, clean, whole plant based foods.

work with me

Health a Hot Mess? Get ready to turn that lead into gold with our Get Plant Strong Discovery session. 

In this private 60-minute session you will uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the body - and the health - that you want. 

You'll discover which foods and lifestyle habits are sapping your health...and what to do about it. 

By the end of your session you will develop a powerful vision for what getting "plant strong" will mean for you and your life, guaranteed!


Plantie Potions

Plantie Potions are 100% raw, organic, plant-based smoothies containing only the good stuff: organic fruits, vegetables and water.  We do not add any additional sugars or preservatives.  

Our mission is simple: To provide high-quality, professionally crafted smoothie blends with the convenience of buying in bulk.  

Always frozen, never fake - all of our potions are packaged and frozen in sleek and convenient 16 oz. BPA-free plastic bottles.

Our blends are made locally with love and care, right here in Pottstown PA!